Strategy, Diversity and Inclusion

We want to help you grow sustainably whilst retaining clarity of vision and purpose. Our integrated approach, reputation for managing change and real innovation help your ideas and projects become a reality. In today’s fast-moving world we’re the first choice to help your organisation achieve its goals.


Building Successful Businesses

Delivering what you promise is key to creating a vibrant organisation that has the trust and support of customers, partners and staff.  We have vast experience of developing service delivery strategies, business plans and policies. Our expertise is in working in major partnership projects.


We help you develop your strategy. Our approach is bring an external perspective, stimulation, intellectual rigour and challenge to the process. 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We are a specialists in equality, diversity and inclusion, with a specific  focus on ensuring service provision meets the highest standards.

Service Transformation

We provide leadership, governance and project management help in your service transformation projects. 

Making an Impact Across the Sector

We help social businesses grow. We have unrivalled experience in making sense of the external environment, leveraging in external funding and in ensuring that your social business strategy drives innovation and service development.

Global Leadership Development 

Think Inclusive is at the forefront of leadership development worldwide. We work with executives and senior managers to develop both their strategic thinking and leadership capabilities in an ever-changing world. We teach your managers to lead their employees from an inclusive point of view. We focus on developing your people, be it individuals or teams, for faster short term results, with long term lasting benefits.

We know a more diverse leadership approach leads to better business results. We are confident that our programmes and one-on-one coaching will help you turn improve your long term bottom line. 


Why diversity programmes fail

Simply throwing training at staff and hoping the diversity programmes work isn’t a sustainable option. We address the underlying causes of programme failure through:

  • setting the right standards and expectations
  • acknowledging that there is no ‘right way’ to work
  • aiming to change attitudes and mindsets
  • ensuring that leadership and governance sets the tone
  • using coaching an mentoring as a way of enhancing cultural intelligence.

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